A New Home

Hello everyone! I finally made the move. After blogging for five years with Blogger, I've decided to switch to something a little more user-friendly. I'll still keep all my old posts up as long as possible because there are lots of memories and delicious recipes within the archives, but I won't be posting anything new there anymore unless it's to remind folks that I've relocated. So... that's that!

Aside from working on my new site, I've been working on a light knitting project for the past few weeks. I call it light knitting because the project was started on a whim. Near the bookshelf next to the couch where I usually sit when I'm watching my daughter were the following things: two sets of straight bamboo needles, a pile of leftover wool from previous projects and a remote control. So, while she was napping one day, I turned something on Netflix and settled in with my needles and wool. I figured I could just knit a pillowcase or something easy because she doesn't nap for long these days, so I didn't want to start anything that would require much concentration.

As of now, three weeks later, I'm halfway through my second pillowcase. It's kind of funny. Before my daughter was born, a pillowcase would be a half-day project for me, but nowadays they take me a week (or longer) to finish. Mostly because I enjoy spending as much time during the day with my daughter as I can while I'm not at work, though I manage to squeeze in a few minutes here and there when she's busy playing by herself.

Anyway, though I have finished one of the pillowcases, I think I'll wait until I have two or more complete before I share them. The first one is pretty simple, but the second will have stripes. For the rest, I think I'll play around with some simple colorwork techniques - we'll see.