In the Garden: Spring 2019 Recap

Hello and welcome! Today's post is a little different than my usual thing. The videos I make and everything else I put out on my blog and social media are first and foremost a creative outlet for me and a way to document parts of our lives, so in the future I'll be expanding the content on my channel. For those who follow along with my knitting video podcast, please know I have no intention of quitting, so you can expect to continue seeing new knitting videos for the foreseeable future, and I’ll have them labeled clearly (and in a playlist) so you know where to find them.

In this video, I share what I’m hoping will serve as a before picture of our garden space and everything that went on in spring. I know we’re already a couple weeks into summer now, but I wanted to get the information on film now while it's still fresh in my mind so I can use it as a reference point for next year's garden. Things are doing well so far, especially considering we have a newborn and weren't nearly as productive as we normally would’ve been, but we are going to just keep building, bit by bit, on what we already have (and make it “extra,” if you will), so hopefully this glimpse into the present state of things will be fun to look back on in the future.

I'll come back soon with another garden update and share everything that's growing. Things are happening fast now that it's summer, so everything already looks a lot different than what you see here. Future garden updates will probably be in more of a vlog style.

Until next time!


Tools and Equipment:

Grow bags (we use the 25 gallon size for our potatoes, the 10 gallon size for our dahlias and the 2 gallon size for our basil:

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The Year of the Tomato

We went a little crazy with the food preservation this year. Jams and fruit butters of all kinds, dilly beans, tomatoes (and more tomatoes, and more tomatoes). Our chest freezer is now so full of garden food that we have to stack a box on top to keep the lid down. Lets hope the power never goes out.

Next year, I will definitely plant potatoes. I've been missing those homegrown purple potatoes we grew in our first garden back in 2009. Carrots, too. We forgot to plant carrots this year, and I'm beating myself up about it a little because the babe is now old enough to eat solids, and pureed carrots from the garden would've been perfect.

In any case, there's always next year. We have officially reclaimed some of our tiny backyard from the hens by setting up an outside run, so we'll be able to grow even more food (and flowers!) next year without fear of mass chicken destruction.

How did your garden grow this year? Anything you would do differently next year?